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Marvellous Tour of Istanbul with Bosphorus Cruise

Istanbul True Discovery - Intensive City Visiting with Dolmabahce Palace - Relaxing Bosphorus and the Black Sea Cruise with Lunch.

Marvellous Tour of Istanbul with Bosphorus Cruise

Marvellous Tour of Istanbul with Bosphorus Cruise: Combine visits to some of Istanbul's top sights such as Dolmabahce Palace, Yedikule Dungeons, Pierre Loti Hill, City Walls with a Bosphorus lunch cruise all the way up to the Black Sea on a single day tour.

Istanbul is a city like no other and it has a strait to match. We'll show you the "must see" sights and teach you something about the history of Istanbul both land and waterfront like no one else can. Whether you're looking for a city discovery excursion or a unique perspective on Istanbul and the Bosphorus, let Bosphorus Tour be your guide.


Admire beautiful architecture and capture stunning views of illustrious palaces during a full-day tour in Istanbul including a Bosphorus cruise. Aboard a cozy coach explore the highlights of Istanbul including the Walls of Constantinople, Yedikule Dungeons, views of the Golden Horn and the majestic Dolmabahce Palace where Ottoman's late sultans once resided. You will then experience a must-do in Istanbul, a Bosphorus Strait sightseeing cruise up to the Black Sea. Spend a pleasant afternoon exploring the Bosphorus Strait during this spectacular 4-hour lunch cruise. Take in the iconic sights along the way and stop for a visit in the fishing village of Anadolu Kavagi and discover the old fortress remnants on a hill with breath-taking views of Bosphorus and The Black Sea.

Tour Highlights


Tour and cruise of Istanbul, Marvellous Tour of Istanbul with Bosphorus Cruise

Tour and cruise of Istanbul; Go beyond Istanbul's top attractions and discover more of the city on this multi-faceted full day Istanbul bus and boat sightseeing tour.

We first drive to Piere Loti Hill where you could have a breathtaking view sof the city along the Golden Horn. We will take a cable car from the hill down to Eyup district and then drive to Yedikule Dungeons, Designed as Triumphal Arch during the Byzantine era, the structure was merged with a fortress with four towers afterwards. On the way to the next sight, Dolmabahce Palace, we will drive all around the ancient city walls, the city walls of Byzantine's era are surely one of the most important historical constructions of Istanbul. We will complete the land tour in Dolmabahce Palace, the elegant palace of the Bosphorus, is one of the most magnificent symbolic structures of the Ottoman Empire's changing 19th century identity.

Now time to enjoy the city by the sea, you will hop on board to have buffet lunch served on our luxury yacht. We will start cruising from Kabatas Pier and sail down the Bosphorus along the European side all the way to the third suspended bridge over the Bosphorus, the tipping point of the Bosphorus and the Black Sea. We will cross to the Asian side to stop over Anadolu Kavagi, a lovely fishing village on the Asian side. After stopping 45 min. in Anadolu Kavagi, we head back to Istanbul following the Asian shores this time.

The sights to See and Visit

Pierre Loti Hill

Pierre Loti Hill, located on the ridge of Eyup Sultan Mosque, is the place where the Golden Horn view can be seen most beautifully. When you climb this hill, Pierre Loti Coffee House, where the French writer Pierre Loti once sat for hours and watched the Golden Horn with dreamy eyes and now bears his name, welcomes you.

Cable Car from Pierre Loti Hill to Eyup District

A distinctive way to reach the summit of Pierre Loti , which overlooks the Golden Horn

Walls of Constantinople, Marvellous Tour of Istanbul with Bosphorus Cruise

Walls of Constantinople

The Walls of Constantinople are the walls around Istanbul (City Walls) and the city is under protection. The walls were built in Eastern Roman times. The first wall was built when there was a small village called Ligos in Seraglio, and then it was continuously expanded.

Yedikule Dungeons "Yedikule Fortress"

Yedikule Dungeons, Marvellous Tour of Istanbul with Bosphorus Cruise

The construction of Yedikule Fortress, which is famous for its dungeon and exceeds centuries with its legends, dates back to 413 years. The emperor of Eastern Rome, who valued architecture, II. Built by Theodosius, the fortress is located on the coastal road stretching from Sarayburnu to Bakirkoy. After the citadel was completed in 439, a triumphal arch was built to be used to enter the city upon returning from the wars. III. In the Theodosius Period, when the sea walls were built against the attacks from the Marmara, this triumphal arch was turned into a gate and took the name Golden Gate.

Dolmabahce Palace, Marvellous Tour of Istanbul with Bosphorus Cruise

Dolmabahce Palace

Dolmabahce Palace was built between 1843 and 1856 as a mixture of European art styles. It is the work of Karabet Balyan, the architect of Sultan Abdulmecit. Ottoman Sultans had many palaces in every era. However, Topkapi Palace, which is the main palace, was abandoned after the completion of Dolmabahce Palace. Dolmabahce Palace has 3 floors and a symmetrical plan. It has 285 rooms and 43 halls. It has a 600-meter quay from the sea and 2 monumental gates, one of which is very ornate, on the land side. In the middle of this seaside palace, surrounded by a well-kept and beautiful garden, is the ceremonial and ballroom, which is higher than the other sections.

Anadolu Kavagi, Marvellous Tour of Istanbul with Bosphorus Cruise

Anadolu Kavagi

Today Anadolu Kavagi is a sleepy fishing village located near the narrowest part of the Bosphorus. But the ruined castles, fortifications and ancient temples that surround it show how strategically important the area has been for millennia. The hills above the village give a beautiful view of the water and a welcome respite from city noise.

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