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Istanbul Bosphorus and Black Sea Cruise
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Half Day Extra Long Circle Istanbul Bosphorus and Black Sea Tour with Lunch

Spend a pleasant afternoon exploring the Bosphorus Strait and the Black Sea during this cruise from Istanbul. Before departing, taste traditional Turkish meze and other specialties aboard the boat at the dock and then begin your cruise of the Bosphorus Strait from Golden Horn. You will see top attractions like Galata Tower and the Bosphorus Bridge as you cruise into the Black Sea. Plus, discover the old fortress remnants and even stop for dip into the Black Sea at Beykoz, a charming seaside village.

Key Highlights

What to Expect

Sit down and indulge a meal consisting of a variety of delightful Turkish meze and grilled chicken. Then, grab a refreshing beverage and stroll out to the deck to soak up the sun and ambiance of Istanbul from the Bosphorus Strait. Gain insight into the many famous sights that line both the Asian and European coastlines.

As you cruise, see Galata Tower and the immense Bosphorus Bridge that connect the Asian and European continents. During the cruise, snacks are available to munch on at the bar. After your boat has traversed the Strait, enter the Black sea and voyage a short distance to the small coastal town of Beykoz. Here, your boat will dock and you can spend some free time unwinding or a short promenade around the verdant hills surrounding the area.

Alongside your guide, admire remnants of this medieval fortress. Hop back aboard your boat and return to Istanbul arriving in the late afternoon. Disembark and meet your coach for a comfortable ride back to your hotel where your tour ends.

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Where Love Meets the Black Sea: Combining Bosphorus Black Sea Cruise with a Dreamy Istanbul Proposal

Love, they say, knows no boundaries, and when it finds its way to Istanbul, a city of timeless beauty and rich history, it becomes an enchanting tale of romance and adventure. For those seeking a one-of-a-kind experience to celebrate their love, a Bosphorus Black Sea cruise followed by a dreamy proposal in Istanbul is the perfect choice.

Marriage Proposals, proposal in Istanbul

With each passing moment, the lovebirds are captivated by the ever-changing hues of the sky as the sun starts its descent. The amber glow casts a spell on the city, illuminating its historic monuments, palaces, and minarets. The enchanting atmosphere of the Bosphorus adds an ethereal touch to the experience, setting the stage for an unforgettable proposal.

As the yacht reaches the Black Sea, a sense of freedom and limitless possibilities fills the air. With the horizon stretching out before them, the couple finds themselves immersed in the beauty of nature's creation, while their hearts beat in unison, knowing that this is a moment they will treasure forever.

As the sun dips below the horizon, creating a canvas of colors that dance upon the water, the time is ripe for the much-awaited proposal. The couple finds a secluded spot on the deck, surrounded by the beauty of the sea and the majesty of Istanbul. Words of love and commitment flow freely, accompanied by the gentle lapping of the waves against the yacht.

Where love meets the Black Sea, amidst the charm of Istanbul, a dreamy proposal becomes a reality, and two hearts embark on a journey that knows no bounds. It's a celebration of love, adventure, and the magic of Istanbul, an experience that they will carry with them throughout their lives, knowing that they found their forever in a place where love truly knows no boundaries.

Where Two Worlds Meet: Bosphorus Cruise to the Allure of the Black Sea

As you board the boat, you'll be greeted by the stunning vistas of Istanbul's iconic skyline. The Bosphorus, the strait that divides Europe and Asia, acts as a gateway to the mesmerizing beauty that awaits. As the boat glides along the sparkling waters, you'll witness the harmonious blend of ancient architecture, modern landmarks, and natural wonders.

As the Bosphorus widens, revealing its majestic expanse, the transition to the Black Sea begins. The air becomes imbued with a sense of excitement and anticipation, as you venture further into uncharted territories. The allure of the Black Sea beckons, promising untamed beauty and unique experiences.